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Virus detected in 35 Android applications!..Delete them now!

 A popular security technology company 'Bitdefender' has released a piece of shocking news that it has found dangerous malware in 35 popular Android apps on the Google Play Store. These 35 Android apps have tried to trick smartphone users. These 35 Android apps try to cheat by changing the name after installation on the smartphone. Moreover, the Bitdefender report said that some applications are cheating by hiding their icon on the installed device. The motive behind such malicious activities is not only to serve ads and earn revenue through them. Instead, the Bitdefender report warned that it would also steal users' private information.

Virus detected in 35 Android applications!..Delete them now!
Virus detected in 35 Android applications!..Delete them now!

Google continues to take several measures to provide security to its users on its Play Store. Google and other cyber engineers around the world keep on detecting such malicious applications and warning people. Although Google will remove such malicious apps from the Play Store, it is unable to completely control the scammers as they follow different ways to add malware-infected apps to the Play Store. So, let's take a look at the top 35 malware-infected apps found on the Google Play Store. If you have any of the following apps on your smartphone, delete them immediately. 

Listed below are 35 Android Malicious Apps.

  1. Walls light - Wallpapers Pack
  2. Big Emoji - Keyboard
  3. Grad Wallpapers - 3D Backdrops
  4. Engine Wallpapers - Live & 3D
  5. Stock Wallpapers - 4K & HD
  6. EffectMania - Photo Editor
  7. Art Filter - Deep Photo Effect
  8. Fast Emoji Keyboard
  9. Create Stickers for Whatsapp
  10. Math Solver - Camera Helper
  11. Photopix Effects - Art Filter
  12. Led Theme - Colorful Keyboard
  13. Keyboard - Fun Emoji, Sticker
  14. Smart Wifi
  15. My GPS Location
  16. Image Warp Camera
  17. Art Girls Wallpaper HD
  18. Cat Simulator
  19. Smart QR Creator
  20. Colorize Old Photo
  21. GPS Location Finder
  22. Girls Art Wallpaper
  23. Smart QR Scanner
  24. GPS Location Maps
  25. Volume Control
  26. Secret Horoscope
  27. Smart GPS Location
  28. Animated Sticker Master
  29. Personality Charging Show
  30. Sleep Sounds
  31. QR Creator
  32. Media Volume Slider
  33. Secret Astrology
  34. Colorize Photos
  35. Phi 4K Wallpaper - Anime HD

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