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What is Web Hosting? How many types of Hosting are there? Complete Hosting Information

Web hosting refers to the service taken to keep the photos, databases, videos and all other types of files of your blog or website on a 24-hour working server. Without a web hosting service, it is almost impossible to run your site in a deadlock-free manner. A website is completed only by connecting your site's domain name to the hosting server. There are also different types of web hosting service that keep changing according to the need. Hope you will like our attempt to include all the information related to hosting in this article.

Let's first find out what is hosting? what does web hosting mean ?

Web hosting refers to the online web server that hosts all the files, images, videos, databases, text, etc. associated with your website. This type of service is called web hosting service, and the entities that provide the web hosting service are known as the hosting provider company. Web hosting has existed ever since website creation began. It is of course that with the passage of time, its forms also changed and there was continuous development.

After paying the monthly price on their web hosting server by the hosting service provider, you are provided with a fixed location where you can host your website. Depending on which server technology/language (ASP, Java, PHP, etc.) your site is based on and which software (HTML, WordPress) is built on, you have to select the hosting server (web hosting server).

In this article, we will learn from where the web hosting service can be availed? which web hosting service is suitable for you? how many types of web hosting are there? etc.

How many types of web hosting are there?

Web hosting can be of many types in terms of the need of the consumer, the size and speed of the server and its technology vary according to the needs of each user. cheap hosting is enough to run a small blogger or a 4-5 permanent page website so to run a large commercial website you have to take a cloud hosting or dedicated server. we are writing down the details of each type of web hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a recommended web hosting for new bloggers and small merchants, with most websites in the world running on shared servers. Shared hosting is not only affordable but it is also very easy to run and load or update the website. The reason for which is the control panel called cPanel, it comes for free with almost every shared hosting plan. For those who are new and do not know how to run a hosting server, cPanel is a simple medium to control their website.

In shared hosting, the service provider divides the space of its server into a lot of consumers, allowing multiple consumers to run their own websites on the same server. Due to the sharing of resources, this service becomes available at a cheap price, as many users are able to run their website on the same server at a time.

2. Virtual Server Hosting 

Vps is a virtual server, its full form is virtual private server. On the same machine, some consumers are assigned different resources, which they use to run one or more of their websites. For example, you are provided with separate ram, storage space and software scripts that you can only use for your own site or blog. You can shut down, restart or install some new software on your server whenever you want.

Vps is especially recommended for consumers who have different types of websites who need a particular software or operating system. It's also a bit expensive compared to shared hosting. If you want faster speeds than the shared hosting server, you can choose vps.

3. WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the world's most famous content management system, on which you can create blogs, websites, etc. Web hosting service providers have installed special hosting packages and servers for WordPress. These specialized servers have the appropriate inclusion of PHP, SQL and other essential technologies. If you are looking to create a WordPress based website then this is the most suitable type of hosting.

WordPress hosting gives you freedom from the concern of server speed, security and regular updates. It is easy to run, as well as you do not need any special training. In today's time, almost every small and big hosting service provider provides WordPress hosting plans. You can hire hosting service providers like Bluehost, GoDaddy or HostGator at a lower price.

4. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides a complete server for your website, all the resources available on it are for your use only. other customers have no interference on this, giving you advanced speed to run your website. it is also quite expensive compared to shared hosting, but its performance is excellent. it takes a lot of work time to open your website and even if a lot of people come to your site at the same time, it is not a special thing.

If you want to create a high-capacity website that has thousands of visitors every day, then choose dedicated hosting. otherwise you will have to bear the regular burden of paying a monthly price of a few thousand rupees. if you want to create a simple blog or website, then it is better that you start with shared hosting. in the amount that you will pay in 1 month for dedicated hosting, you will probably get shared hosting for the whole year.

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