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What is Vlog? How to make money from Vlogging?

 A detailed article about Vlog and Vlogging for beginners, it describes about the ways and means to run a Vlog as a successful YouTube Influencer.

Just like blogs or blogging, Vlog or Vlogging is also in vogue. In simple words, Vlog means video blog. In blogs you use writing and pictures, and of self-made videos in Vlogging.

If you can start a blog by taking web hosting from Bluehost, but to create a Vlog, you need a video platform. Let's read about Vlogging in detail in this article and take the information related to it.

What is Vlog?

A video blog or video log is called vlog in short form. Just as you write regularly on a blog, for Vlogging you upload your videos to YouTube or any other video hosting platform. For this, you don't even have to buy web hosting.

After this, you can increase the fame of your channel by providing regular content to your subscribers. as your subscribers start watching your videos, the views of your channel will increase and eventually you will be able to monetize your content, which will earn you money.

How to create a Vlog?

The most popular platform for creating vlogs is YouTube, in addition to this, you can also use Facebook or Instagram. But the most popular among the people is YouTube, being a Google Group enterprise, the reach and response of YouTube is very good.

To create a YouTube channel, first of all, open the YouTube.Com and click on Create Channel and follow the instructions.

When you become your channel, all you need is a good little camera and video editing software in addition to that. If there is a budget problem initially, then you can also use your mobile phone for video recording. When the channels are running, you can also buy a DSLR camera, microphone and tripod etc. to share the experience of your subscribers.

The most important step is to choose the subject of your youtube channel. create channels related to the subject you are interested in yourself. it is often seen that people make channels but are confused about the subject. once you have decided what the topic of your video blog is, then you assume that you are ready to launch your vlog.

How to run a successful Vlog or YouTube channel?

Keep in mind that just by creating a channel, you can't become a successful YouTube influencer. You have to work very hard for that. If you make and upload videos that are constantly good and liked by people, then only then the subscribers and views of your channel will increase.

You have to keep in mind that the length of the video, the sound effect and the video effects are good? people like the very long videos less and the voice quality and special effects are also something that the viewers are not bored of.

Create a time table to upload the video to your channel and try not to interrupt it. because after the subscriber increases, the expectation of people from your channel increases and they are waiting for regular new videos. choose the time and day to upload a new video when there is more traffic on your channel.

Apart from YouTube, new videos can also be loaded on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.

How do you earn from Vlog?

The best way to earn from your vlog is the monetization of YouTube channel by Google, apart from YouTube, Facebook also provides you this feature. For the monetization of your channel, it is most important to keep your channel's content and subscriber group tied together. Regular traffic and people's interest can only increase your revenue.

Apart from this, you can also do paid marketing of a product and you can also insert affiliate links etc. in the description space of the video. Many celebrity vloggers also charge a fee for participating in a public event. Like a conference, an exhibition or a guest speaker's role. But all this is possible only if your channel has become a little famous.

Wrapping Up

In today's time, people have a time constraint, in such a way, there is more interest in watching videos than in reading blog posts. You can achieve success by creating a blog and a vlog associated with it, so that both your reader and viewer can get the content of their choice. That's why we suggest that you create a balance between blog and vlog.

Video hosting is almost free and there are chances of you earning too much in it so you can try your luck in this area.

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