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What Is Income Tax? Complete Information about Income Tax.

This article is based on what is income tax in Hindi. Income tax is levied on income beyond a certain limit. The fixed limit of income tax is fixed by the central government. The value of income tax varies from country to country. This tax is paid by every citizen who comes under its purview. It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to pay tax.

What Is Income Tax?

If you pay income tax, then it is necessary to have a better planning for it. With this, you can save a lot in taxes. Income tax means income tax. It means a "tax" on a person's income. It is a "tax" that has to be paid every year.

The income tax or income tax is collected by the central government. in the indian constitution, the "Schedule 7" empowers the central government to collect taxes. the government provides a variety of facilities to the citizens. in any country, administration, development and security are spent every year. the central government collects tax to meet this expenditure. in a way, the government takes back the facilities that the citizens give as tax.

The government collects income tax to provide proper arrangements of road, railways, electricity, water to the citizens. By imposing taxes on various products and incomes, the government deducts the expenses incurred in these projects.

What is Income Tax?

What is income tax and what is its process? before discussing this, know that there are two types of tax. the first is direct tax which is called income tax. the second is the indirect tax which includes service tax and excise duty.

Every citizen under income tax files income tax return (I.T.R.). The income tax net covers individual taxpayers, companies, firms, institutions, etc. Agriculture sector does not come under it. The return file of income tax is done with the help of a form. This form is a statement in which the government has to tell how much you have earned in the whole year. That's called ITR.

This tax is collected separately according to the income. tax is levied only after a certain income or income. the limit of income tax levied varies. the government also keeps on giving concessions in this in its annual budget.

Income tax There are certain terms and conditions of income tax according to which the tax is levied. The "Income Tax Act 1961 and 1962" provides detailed information about these terms and conditions. The Central Board of Direct Taxation (C.B.D.T.) issues tax guidelines. The "CBDT" also files the tax return.

It is necessary to have a PAN card number to pay income tax. Along with this, it is also mandatory to link your Aadhaar with the PAN card. The government's official online website for payment of income tax is Incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. By going here you have to register where basic information is asked from you.

income tax is levied on different types of income. job seekers pay income tax out of the annual salary. income tax is also levied on the income generated by the sale of a house or any kind of property. the income from doing business also comes under the purview of income tax.

before paying income tax, you must know its guidelines. you can also save in income tax. this requires tax planning. it should be within the ambit of the rules. you can also take the advice of ca for better planning of tax.

paying income tax is both our duty and responsibility. many people are also afraid to pay income tax. the main reason for this is the lack of information about the income tax. some people even steal taxes out of greed. it is wrong, the economy of the country depends largely on taxes. the government needs a peso for the development work of the country. this money comes because of these taxes.

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