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What Is A Blog? Detailed Information About Blogs And Blogging.

The term 'blog' or 'blogging' is not new to anyone in today's time, at the present time a few thousand new blog posts are published every day. But when and how did blogging start? It's an interesting story in itself.

What is a blog? When and how did it begin?

Let us first understand the meaning of blog and know how blog is technically defined. starting from the hindi meaning of the blog, we will also look into the history of the blog. at the same time, you will also know which platforms are suitable for this.

The Hindi of a blog means 'blog', 'web-diary' or in common parlance, it is called 'blog'.

Blog means a daily diary where after a gap, some new textual material is brought to light. To know in detail with an example, understand that when the author of a book sits down to write, he prepares the entire blueprint from the preamble to the last page and finally publishes it and makes it available to the readers. But this is not the case with blogs, blogging refers to the writing style that is continuous as well as online.

The beginning of the blog is definitely but the end of the blog, no one can publish new information on the internet through post writing as long as he wants, provided that he wants to delete everything of his own free will and close his blog, then it is a different thing.

History of 'Blog' – Etymology

The word blog is a short form of weblog in English. Around 1990, when the Internet was infancy, some information technology engineers used to operate web sites where information was published for work-related discussions with their colleagues. All the people stayed connected to each other through the website even while living in different places.

It was this small discovery of his that gave birth to the blog, people considered blog writing as a medium to connect with innumerable people at one time and then there was a day-to-day, night-quadruple progress in this field. its appearance changed, its ways changed, and blog writing became easier. over a period of time, through blogs, people started writing on their personal memoirs, travelogues, cooking, literature, poetry, technology, politics, sports and many other such topics.

This writing was made available for everyone to read on the Internet. This whole system came to be called blogging and the blogger is called blogger, in this article about blogging and blogger, we will explain in further detail. Modern bloggers are also monetizing their blog (Monetization or Monetization of Blog) so that they have also started earning good money thanks to good content and traffic.

At the same time, its name changed from weblog to short form and remained only blog.

Types of Blogs 

There are various reasons for blogging, such as some people do blogging for their hobby, others do it like a business and earn money from it. Apart from this, some blogs are also made for a special purpose, let's say there is a big seminar or conference somewhere, then the blog that will be made related to it will be active around that program and then it may be closed after a while.

Apart from this, there may be some blogs that are written only for a particular group and are not publicly available to everyone. Let's get acquainted with the different types of blog or blogging one by one in the next section.

Personal Blog :

Private blogs are often written by a celebrity, player or celebrity. But private blogging is not limited to this, people like you and us also create private blogs. The personal blog has your memoirs, personal experiences and general writing. The biggest example of this is the blog of the hon'ble prime minister or the blog of the superstar of films, shri amitabh bachchan.

Here you will find that both the dignitaries keep writing articles related to their lives from time to time, which are followed by millions of people and also wait for their next post. You can also create your own personal blog, but how many readers will be interested in it will depend on your writing.

Business Blog :

Any service provider or producer also creates a blog on his product's website, through which he keeps providing regular updates etc. Related to his product or service to his customers. Which benefits both him and his customer. He succeeds in telling thousands of people at the same time through a blog post what are the features of his product or service, how to use it, etc. Customers have the advantage that whenever they want to open the internet, they get the latest information about that product or service.

Here we are presenting 2 examples of business blogging, the first is the blog of phone maker apple and the second is google's official blog. On the blogs of these two, you will see how these renowned companies keep writing about their products and services. That's just business blogging. Marketing.

Professional Blogging :

This is the most famous type of blogging, nowadays it is very much in vogue. Many people are engaged in full-time blogging and video content creation, they also earn some money from their online blog or video channel. Professional bloggers, in a way, upload some new written posts or videos every day and keep their content fresh. At the same time, they also keep studying the blogs and channels of their competitors and keep on grooming the content of their blogs through seo.

What is Blogging?

The process of writing a blog is called blogging, it can be both part-time or full-time. Blogging done as a hobby in free time is called part-time blogging and blogging done as your profession can be called full-time blogging. Blogging requires investing a little time by concentrating, having a good grip on a topic and having a penny edge of your writing.
Apart from this, you need two small tools, the first is a domain name and the second is a unique web hosting.

Benefits Of Blogging : 

  • You can complete your hobby and find fame
  • You can also earn money through your blog if you want.
  • If you have a deep understanding on a topic, you can also guide others through your blog.
  • Comments etc. Are made by people on the blog you have written, you can participate in the discussions by answering them.

What Does Blogger Mean?

In simple terms, blogger's hindi meaning: the person who runs and controls the blog is called a blogger, the blogger keeps writing regular posts for readers on his blog and takes care of its design and security.

Bloggers write on many essential issues, such as the environment, human rights and politics, from the dominant writing on their blogs. In many countries, bloggers have even shaken the governments, due to which many times they have been banned, etc. Apart from this, bloggers also try to give people new information related to many fields.

In today's time, being a blogger is a matter of respect in itself, once you are a little established as a blogger, the number of your fans soon reaches millions. To become a blogger, you do not have to study separately, it is done only by learning on the internet and self-study.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

  • Bloggers make money through google adsense's manifestos on their blogs.
  • The second famous way is to make money by affiliate marketing.
  • Apart from this, bloggers also earn money by selling online courses etc. On their blogs.
  • For more information on how to make money from the blog you can read this post of ours.
It is very important to mention here that making money from a blog is a slow and continuous process. It can take a few months for a blog to start to get into a money-making position. Therefore, you are requested that if you want to make a blogger, then work with patience and invest time only then you will get good results. Thousands of people jump into blogging every day without restraint and soon calm down.

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