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How to earn money online from internet sitting at home?

How to earn money online from internet sitting at home?

Everyone wants to earn money. That's why people keep searching in Google everyday that, “ how to earn money online ”, “ how to earn money from google ”, “ how to earn money from internet ”, etc. People need money so that they can fulfill their needs with it.

With age comes a responsibility and if you know about how to earn money from now on, then silver is your silver. People earn money in many ways, such as by doing jobs, starting their own business, or online.

You must be thinking that how to make money online? Is this possible, or am I kidding? This is no joke. If you want, you can easily earn money online i.e. from internet . There are millions of such people in the world who are earning money sitting at home.

Neither they have to go out, nor do they have to work under anyone. But for this also some talent i.e. art is needed. It is not that you do not have any talent, the one above sends everyone to earth by giving them some talent. You can easily earn money through the talent you have. You just need to recognize him.

How to earn money online from home 2022

Some are good at writing and some are good at singing. Everyone has a different art. We learn from others what we do not know. Similarly, you will be able to earn money online easily through your talent, and this is not a wrong thing either.

So in today's article you will know, how to earn money online . Before proceeding, I want to make one thing clear that this is not a lie; Because I also earn so much money through the Internet, so that I can comfortably fulfill my needs.

1. How to earn money online from blogging

Talking about how to earn money from internet, blogging comes in the first place. Because this is the easiest way to earn money. It is very important to have 2 things for blogging,
  • 1) Expert in something - Expert in any field
  • 2) Art of writing - Writing skill
Without these two, if you start the journey of blogging, then you may have to face many difficulties ahead. If you are expert in something, whether it is technology, cooking, business, or any other field; With this, you will not have to work hard to write new content.

And you will also be able to answer the questions of your readers. Always do that in which you are more interested. Suppose you have interest in sports and also knowledge and you make a blog on technology. You will start a blog, but after a few days you will have trouble finding new content. If someone asks a question related to technology, then you will not be able to answer it.

Ways to earn money from blogging

There are many ways to earn money from blogging, but I will tell you about the best 3 ways.
1) Advertising : There are many online advertising companies, through which you will be able to earn money by giving ads to your blog. Some popular online advertising company is Google AdSense , Chitika, Media.net, infolinks, etc. I think you must have got the answer to a question that “ Google Se Paise Kaise Kamaye ”.

2) Affiliate Marketing : This is, helping others to sell things. When you help sell a product sold online, that seller gives you a commission. You can earn a lot by selling the product of big e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon or any hosting company. You can earn more money than advertising in affiliate marketing.
3) Sponsored Post : When your blog becomes a little popular, many companies ask you to review their product. They give you a lot of money along with their product for review. Whatever your blog will be related to, you will get similar types of things.

2. How to earn money online from youtube

Who does not know about YouTube . Nevertheless, for information, let me tell you that this is the 3rd most popular website in the world, where there are millions of views every day. Those who do not know this, I would like to tell them that YouTube is a better way to earn money.
Writing content is called blogging and earning money through video is called Vlogging. Vlogging means video blogging. I had written a post earlier also about Blogging vs Vlogging , you can read it if you want. In this too, it is very important for you to have two things.
  • 1) Expert in something – Expert in any field
  • 2) Art of Presentation – Presentation Skill
Presentation means how you present yourself in front of others, that is, show them. It is very important to have expression and the art of speaking in it. In the case of blogging, a little more is spent in Vlogging. Like you need a camera, stand, video editing software, etc.

Ways to earn money from youtube

Like Blogging, YouTube, i.e. Vlogging also has 3 main ways to earn money,
1) AdSense : Both YouTube and AdSense are products of Google. Every Youtubers earn most of their money from this. After uploading the video to your account, you can monetize it with AdSense. I will give a complete tutorial of this in the next days.

2) Sponsored Video : A popular YouTube channel gets an offer to review many products. Through this also you can earn a lot of money.

3) Affiliate Marketing : If you review different products in your channel, then you can put a link to buy it in the description below. If a user buys it, then you will get commission from him.

3. Make Money With Online Tuition

Nowadays most of the people are preferring to take online courses more than offline. After all, what is this online course? This is a platform where people can spend money and learn the skill of their choice. Suppose you have interest in photography. So to learn this you have to join an academy.

Now it is not possible that what you want to study or learn is near your home; You may even have to go outside for this. But through online tutoring, anyone can sit at home and take the desired course.

How to get money from online tutoring

You will find many such websites in the Internet, where people take their online courses. Udemy is a better platform to share your knowledge. By registering here, you can upload your complete course through video and documents.
Then you have to set a price for that course. Whoever wants to take your course, he will be able to read it whenever and wherever he wants by paying through Udemy. Udemy gives you your payment by keeping some commission.

4. Earn Money Online By Selling Your Skills

Here skill means Internet based skill, like SEO, SMO, Coding, Web Designing, Link Building, Logo designing, etc. Internet marketing is increasing day by day. So people look for experts to increase their online business, who will do their work in exchange for money. Because if they do the same thing then they can take a lot of time.

If you are also an expert in any such online work, then you too can earn money sitting at home. Fiverr is the best platform to earn money through your skills . There are many other websites, but this is the most popular.

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