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What is Android 11? and feature of android 11?

Do you know what is Android 11 and what are its new features? Google has recently officially launched the latest version of the smartphone, Android 11, and now this update will be seen in Google Pixel 2 and higher versions as well as Android One phones. And can be seen in other Android Smartphones soon.

What is Android 11?

Android 11 is the latest operating system recently launched by Google. Because this is the eleventh update of Android, hence it is named Android 11.

Android 11 is just like Android 10. But by modifying it, some great features have been added to it. The flaws that were there in Android 10 have been fixed in this latest version. Many such features have been added to it, from which we can easily control our smartphone. So let's know about Android 11 Kya Hai and its 11 Amazing Features.

Android 11 Release Date

On September 8, 2020, Google launched Android 11.

Well, in this way, this launch can only speak for Google Pixel devices. Because if you have a device from Google, then only you will be able to enjoy Android 11 for the time being. And if you have any other phone then for now you will have to wait a bit for Android 11.

11 Best Features Of Android 11

1. Power Menu

Friends, basically when we press the power button, then we have options like Restart, Shut down, lock, some such options are visible.

But with this new update, when you press the power button, a power menu will open in front of you, in which many features have been added.

In this, if you have to control anything in the house like lights, speakers, etc.. then for this you will get smart home controls in it. And to make instant payments, here you will be able to make instant payments by adding your card.

2. Media Controller

When we play songs or play any Mp3 song, it appears above us as a Notification and from where we can control the songs. But when we clear all the notifications, along with that the notification of the music player also stops and the song also stops.

But in android 11 you will not get to see this problem. In this, you will get to see the control of the music player in the quick tiles above. That is, where the controls of data, airplane mode, etc.. are called quick tiles. Now with that you will get the option of media control.

From here you will be able to play, pause, next, your songs easily. And also some more options will be seen such as volume control, and if you want the sound to come from the speaker or from the earpones, then you will also be able to do those satins. And with this, its look is also good.

3. Chat Bubbles

Friends, you must know that when someone's message comes in Facebook Messenger App or we message, then bubble pops up on your screen and by tapping on it we can chat conversation. And you can set the bubble anywhere on the screen and also remove it if you want.

So now you will get to see this bubble chat feature in the latest Android 11. You will get to see this bubble chat conversation feature in all the messaging apps in your phone.

And when you will get a message, then there you will be shown whether it supports bubble chat or new and by tapping from there you can open that message in bubble chat. And because of this feature, it will be very easy to do multiple chats.

4. Conversation / Group Notifications

Friends, often there are many notifications lying in the notification bar in our phone. Notifications of all apps are mixed.

But you will not get to see this in this version. In this, as if you got messages from three or four friends. If the missed messages come in the conversation, a separate conversation section will show in the notification bar and all the messages will be shown in it.

In this way, you will see in the notifications group so that all the notifications are not mixed and you can easily get the notification you want.

5. Screen Recorder

Till today, if we want to record the screen in our phone, then we take the help of third party apps. There was no such feature in our phone that we could record the screen of our phone.

But now this shortcoming has been filled by Android 11. Now you can record your phone screen with device audio and mic audio or just device audio or just mic audio without any third party apps. With Android 11, you will get to see this option in-built in the quick tiles above.

6. Temporary Permissions

Friends, by installing so many apps in our phone, we have allowed permissions that we would not have known which app has what permissions. So friends, which app uses permissions incorrectly, we would not have known and our phone can also be hacked.

So now for this keeping in mind the privacy of the phone in android 11, now if you open the apps, then you will see 2 options for permission. While using the app and the other only this time.

If you want that permission should be allowed only as long as you are using the app, then you can select While using the app. When you close the app, the permission will be removed automatically. That is, your permission will be allowed only when you are using the app.

And if you select the option only this time, then when you close the app using it, then the permission will be removed. And when you open the app again, then you will have to give permission back.

And friends if you installed any app and allowed permission also. And then later you do not use that app and it has been there for three to four months. But that permission is still there in the app. Now mind you, maybe that permission can also be used for some wrong reason.

So this should not happen, so now you will get an option. With the help of which, if you do not use any app even after a long time, then the permission of that app will be automatically revoke i.e. it will be removed.

7. Notification History

Friends, many notifications keep coming in our phone. And we keep on clearing that. But many times it happens that your important notification also gets cleared. And after that we can't look back on that.

But in this version friends you will get notification history in which you will be able to see notification history of last 24 hours. In this, all your last 24 hour notifications will be shown and from there you will also be able to access it by clicking. So now if your notification is cleared due to any mistake then there is no need to worry. You will be able to access it by key in the notification history.

8. App Suggestion in Home Screen

Are you doing any activity on your phone? According to what you like to do, Google will understand your activity and suggest apps in your mobile home screen. Meaning that you would like to use this app now, according to this apps will be shown on your home screen.

If you do not want anything to appear on the home screen, that is why you want the home screen to be clear, then you can also desable this feature.

9. Now Enable Bluetooth With Airplane Mode

Friends, many times it happens that when we are listening to music from any wireless earphones, the wireless earphones are connected to Bluetooth, then when we are in flight or have to turn on Airplane mode for some other reason, then Cellular data, Wifi and Bluetooth are all disabled. And then have to connect back.

So now when you turn on Airplane mode, only your cellular data and Wifi will be desable. Bluetooth will remain enabled. You will now be able to listen to songs from wireless earphones even by turning on Airplane Mode. That is, you can also use bluetooth with airplane mode.

10. Pin Apps in Share Menu

Now when you share something, then the share menu opens in front of you and all the apps in which you want to share are shown.

Now you can keep your favorite apps pinned on the top in the share menu. Which makes it easy for you to share, you will not have to find the thing in which you want to share. You will get to see the apps that you will pin at the top.

11. Schedule Your Dark Mode

When Dark Mode was released with Android 10, it proved to be a very amazing feature. And everyone needed it too.

And now in Android 11 you will also be able to schedule Dark Mode in your phone. That is, if you want that the dark mode should be auto on as soon as the evening (Sunset) and the dark mode should be auto-off as soon as the day (Sunrise). So now you will get to see these options as well.

And if you want to auto turn on or off dark mode according to your time, then you will be able to turn on or off dark mode according to your own by entering your custom time.

For which smartphones is Android 11 currently available?

In this we have given you a list of all the different models of Android phones like Google Pixel, Nokia, Oneplus, Oppo, Redmi, Samsung and Xiaomi in which Android 11 will support.
Showing 1 to 18 of 18 entries

If you have any of these devices then you will be able to download Android 11 Update and enjoy it. And those people who do not have any of these devices should not worry. In the coming few days, you will soon see the update of Android 11 in other smartphones as well.

How to Download Android 11 Update?

1. First of all take a backup of your smartphone's data.

2. Now open the Settings of your phone.

3. Now click on System option.

4. Now click on Advanced option and then select System Update option.

5. Now by clicking on Check for Update, check whether the update of Android 11 is showing or not. If you are showing then download it.

So friends, if your phone has an update of Android 11, then by downloading it in this way, you can enjoy the new features by updating your phone to Android 11.


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