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What is Internet Banking and how to enable it?

 Nowadays, when people go to the bank to open a bank account, they already say that I want the service of net banking with ATM card, this is because they know very well what is internet banking (What is internet) banking in hindi) and how is net banking done?

People often have many types of work from the bank. For which they have to go to the bank many times and also have to stand in long queues for hours. But today's youth do not want to stand in a long line and want that all the work that we do by going to the bank should be done sitting at home.

This is the reason that now everyone has started using internet banking. Even though all the work of Sara is not possible with internet banking, but many important work for which one has to stand in line is completed with the help of this within minutes sitting at home. What is Internet Banking and what are its benefits, we will also know further in this post.

Internet banking is such a facility provided by the bank, through which customers can get all kinds of information related to their account from their home.

You can send money to anyone sitting at home with the help of internet banking from your mobile or computer. But we will discuss further about how to send money through internet banking and how it works, but before that we know what is internet banking.

What is Internet Banking – What is Internet Banking in Hindi?  

Internet banking allows a user to conduct financial transactions through the Internet. Internet banking is also called online banking or webbanking.

With the help of this, all the work that had to be done in banks, shopping malls, electricity department, all can be completed very easily from their smartphone or computer while sitting at home. Paying the electricity bill is a very painful task, which we can complete very easily sitting at home online.

Along with this, we also do mobile recharge or shopping from home itself. If you want to send money to a relative, then there is no need to go to the bank for that too.

In online banking, consumers do not need to go to the key at all to complete their basic banking transactions. That is, they can complete their kind of work by staying at home, at work or traveling.

To use this service, the consumer has to go to the bank and apply to start the service of online banking, after which online banking is started by the bank.

After registration, the bank gives a user ID and password to its customer, using which the devotee can access his account from anywhere and can also use the facilities provided in it.

Different types of facilities are also provided in online banking by different banks, but the basic services such as money transfer and bill payment are there in all.

The bank not only provides the facility of opening your UCO account online and applying for credit card. There are also many such banks that also provide the facility to change the stop payment address on order.

Checks can now be deposited online through a mobile app. The customer only has to take a photo of the front and back of his check, after that the amount has to be filled and then the process is completed.

The facility of making traveller's cheques, bank drafts and some wire transfers is not provided in net banking, it is necessary to be in front of a bank representative to complete these services.

How does Internet Banking work? 

 As we already know that Internet Banking is also called E-banking, it involves 3 parties – Bank, Consumer and Merchant. There are also some situations where the bank and the consumer together complete the transaction, what happens is the consumer starts the transaction.

For this, he does either online or ATM transaction, after which the request is either approved or rejected, depending on his ATM card and its details. When the process is completed, the funds that happen from the chandelier reach the account of another consumer.

To use online banking, one has to first apply by visiting the branch of his bank, after which he is given a user ID and password.

E-registration will be done at the time of application of online banking, which in a way provides security to the account.

Whenever the consumer starts the transaction, only OTP number and card number are asked to complete it. This is given in different ways in different banks, the transaction can be completed only after the verification is completed. .

The transaction cannot be completed successfully even by knowing the user ID and password, the OTP coming mobile number gives a lot of security to the account.

This is a feature that we get with the bank account and through this we can access our account in this way
1. A computer so that we can access the bank account through the website.
2. A phone through which we can open the website and app.
3. A tablet can open both the website and the bank's app. 

We hope that you have found this post very beneficial and if this post has helped you, then do share it with your friends and relatives.


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