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Benefits of Caffeine for Body Health During Working Outside the Home

You look just fine. However, not necessarily. People who look healthy from the outside, might just come home and fall down 'just because they were hit by the wind on the road. Little things can happen to anyone unexpectedly.

At the end of 2019, we are shocked by an epidemic that is now not over. Again, I was very worried about moving on with life in the future. Look to the left and right, one or two neighbors have been rushed to the hospital, others are in economic difficulties, and many close and far friends are complaining about the hardships of their lives.

The story continues to this day. People are afraid to work outside the home even though they are already wearing masks. But the daily needs should not be reduced because the family waits expectantly.

Me too. Same with you wherever and whenever always pray for the best for your family. During this year it may be 'alright' to stay at home but my kitchen still has to steam. I listened to the sun which seemed reluctant to give us a 'kiss' here.

Sad for sure. Please worry is no longer an important note. I don't know what happens after that outside the house is 'up to' which is returned to Him. I have to earn a living so that our family is fine.

Was a single layer mask enough – and now two layers? Is it enough to use hand sanitizer? Should it be safe to wash your hands with soap every time you interact with other people? Certainly not. The body's immune system must be formed so that the virus does not enter easily. 

Benefits of Caffeine for Body Health During Working Outside the Home
Benefits of Caffeine for Body Health During Working Outside the Home

Get to know yourself before you go

I know very well that my weakness lies in the immune system. The cold morning air can be disastrous if you don't use a thick enough jacket. It's hot in the afternoon too. I can sneeze uncontrollably, and even get colds and flu at night.

Provisions for it is warm water or hot tea in the morning - of course, Some time ago, I even carried your bananas everywhere to treat a stomach that often recurred. Some time ago too, I drank wedge water lemon warm in the morning to anticipate stomach pain.

We ourselves know how the best conditions are before leaving the house. Spicy food is very influential in my daily life. Just a little spicy food in the morning, I can go to the toilet many times. The natural way I do this is to recover from illness and then arrange a better healthy lifestyle.

When I leave the house right now, despite the uncertain situation, the loss of trust in my friends around, I have confidence in my own immunity. I took care of myself, not someone else I later met to work with. 

Take Health Supplements If Needed

Lifestyle alone is not enough to change it all. The activities that continue to be carried out make me also have to clean up. Energy in the body must still be met so that everything is fine after returning home. Family members are certainly waiting happily, hoping to be healthy always, with world conditions full of stress from a dangerous epidemic. My family certainly doesn't want me to feel bad things because of the impact it will have on all of them later.

My smile after coming home is happy for all of us. Although only a plate of rice to take home but all was good. For that, I need to take health supplements so that everything runs smoothly.

Why is this important? I do not know what dangers occur outside the home while seeking sustenance. For me I have been safe, but the virus can come from other people, the equipment that is held, or from the air that is not visible.

A sip of health supplements will bring changes to my lifestyle and of course my energy will be stronger. It doesn't have to be 'strong' like the muscular people you often see, but being healthy is more than enough.

One of the health supplements that I take is Kratingdaeng Red Bull. Do you know this easy-to-find bottled drink? You can get  Red Bull at minimarkets or supermarkets near your home, and you can also get it at E-commerce sites such as Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada and Shopee which have the official Store written on them. 

The taste of Kratingdaeng Red Bull is very suitable for productive age and full of fighting spirit. Don't think that this drink is only for those who like sports, those of us who work all day are also called sports. Starting from moving in the morning, driving a vehicle to work, going back and forth from one room to another, then sitting for a long time in front of a laptop, we don't even have time to stretch our muscles.

Therefore, I need an energy drink that is specifically for all circles. Whether a worker, athlete, student, traveler who likes to travel the world, all need supplements to increase energy. I certainly don't want to chase after the deadline when drowsiness strikes. 

Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks

For those of me who don't like coffee, Kratingdaeng Red Bull is the best solution. Not everyone can drink coffee for various reasons. One of the people who don't drink coffee. Indeed, there is nothing specific about this reason, I don't like the smell of coffee because it is so strong that it makes my head dizzy. Simple but can have an effect on everyday life.

Well, if coffee contains 80-135 mg of caffeine, Kratingdaeng Red Bull only has 50 mg of caffeine. BPOM recommends daily caffeine consumption is 400 mg/day. The caffeine contained in Red Bull is far below the recommended daily limit for caffeine. For people who are 'allergic to coffee, they can rely on Kratingdaeng Red Bull to increase their daily caffeine intake; one of its uses is that it is not easy to fall asleep while working, and it adds energy, of course.

Johns Hopkins University in a study stated that caffeine consumption after studying can help improve long-term memory. Of course, we should not drink caffeine in large quantities. Consumption of caffeine in the right amount can help improve thinking skills themselves. How to? One of them is to follow the recommendations of BPOM, by drinking lower caffeinated beverages but more beneficial for the body. 

Red Bull is recommended to drink 3 times a day with many benefits. Red Bull not only makes stamina worse during physical exercise but can also increase thinking power, focus power, and concentration at work. Imagine, leaving early in the morning but arriving at the office already sleepy. What happens is that the boss is scolded and the work is not finished.

This is what I always avoid. It's not a problem being scolded but it's unprofessional for me as an employee. In the morning already sleepy, how about 11 o'clock later, or 2 pm, I'm sure I will fall asleep. In helping to convert glucose into energy, this supplement drink is very reliable. In the morning, of course, the energy will be doubled compared to the middle of the day. And this is necessary so that the spirit of work is stronger.

During work, I often feel weak even though I have eaten and drank. It's possible that the metabolic system is not good. By drinking Kratingdaeng Red Bull, it can help improve the metabolic system and help metabolize protein and muscle tissue. I am not lethargic, not enthusiastic during work and everything can be completed on time. 

The ingredients advertised on the Red Bull  are:

While some of the Red Bull ingredients on their own, such as B vitamins, are associated with health benefits, the majority of the ingredients used in Red Bull bear more risk for the consumer’s health than benefits.


An 8.4 fl oz Red Bull Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine. That is approximately as much as in a regular cup of coffee.

Caffeine does not actually energize you, but rather, it blocks neuroreceptors in the brain that are responsible for slowing down the nervous system, for example, before going to bed.

The caffeine binds to adenosine receptors preventing the adenosine molecules to bind to their specific receptors. While this delays the onset of tiredness, it oftentimes gives you a jittery feeling.


An 8.4 fl oz Red Bull Energy Drink contains 27 g of sugars: sucrose and glucose.

These are the types of sugar that are readily available in everyday foods such as juices, sodas, and fruit. In the sugar-free Red Bull, sucrose and glucose are replaced by artificial sweeteners.


Instead of providing the customer with exact numbers, the Red Bull website says the following about the amino-acid taurine:

“A person weighing 70 kg has approximately 70 g of taurine distributed throughout their body. Put another way, a 70 kg person naturally already has in his body 70 times the amount of taurine contained in one can of Red Bull Energy Drink.”

Therefore, a can of Red Bull contains, 1000 mg of taurine.

Here, the website refers to the fact that the body naturally produces its own taurine. Taurine acts as an antioxidant and is a constituent of bile. Natural sources of taurine include meat and fish.

B vitamins

Having a sufficient level of B vitamins is associated with generally feeling energized. That’s why they are sometimes colloquially referred to as power vitamins.

Red Bull includes Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3.

B vitamins 6 and 12, for example, help the body to form red blood cells, which is important as these cells carry oxygen through the body

Vitamin B5, on the other hand, is associated with improving one’s mood and boosting metabolism.

Generally, this group of vitamins is associated with working through facilitating the formation and use of energy - in one way or another. However, studies have shown that the quality of vitamins and minerals left in liquids over time is inferior to the quality of vitamins and minerals taken as a supplement, so it is usually better to take B vitamins in the form of a supplement.

There are further Red Bull ingredients that are not advertised on the website. They can, however, be found on the can: carbonated water, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium pantothenate, natural and artificial flavors, colors.

Except for sodium, the amount of the other ingredients contained in a can is not disclosed, reflecting the unregulated nature of the drink. Natural and artificial flavors and colors are not specified further either.

Winding Up

All of these tips are done so that what you do is fresher, your mind is calmer and will eventually get the best results. You will be in vain doing something if there is no benefit in the future. The benefits of drinking energy drinks are numerous, so you have to choose first. Which is also yourself too! 

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